Family Life

Our Vision:

We as the Family Ministry of The Orchard have one solid belief when it comes to building healthy children… Build healthy families.

  • Strangely, we don’t believe that the primary mission of the church is just to help the family.
  • We also don’t believe that the number one priority of the family is to simply go to church.
  • WE ARE ORANGE-What does that mean? Click here to see what Orange looks like from birth to graduation.

Instead, we are dedicated to the vision of both the church and the family working TOGETHER to form an alliance that builds Godly character into the next generation by building it in the present.

Why? We believe that the FAMILY and the CHURCH are God’s primary ways of restoring and redeeming the world. Both are powerful on their own… But in partnership, they go well beyond what they could individually.

So join with us, as we join with you, to build healthy families, to change the hearts of little ones, and to see a generation raised with a Godly foundation and good character.

Want more info on our VISION of how the church and the family can integrate to form a more powerful method of transformation? Email, call, or ask us! We’ve got plenty to say and more than that, we’d love to listen to your heart, your situation, and how we can best partner with you to see God in our children.